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 Conservation treatment 


The studio specializes in art conservation offering analysis and conservation treatment of works on paper and parchment. The objects include paper-based contemporary artworks, prints, drawings, watercolors, paintings on paper, archival documents, posters,  architectural drawings, maps, wallpaper, illuminated manuscripts on parchment and paper, ephemera, ukiyo-e, and Asian scrolls. We serve private collectors, galleries, museums, artists, libraries, archives in Washington DC, Virginia and Maryland.




The studio conducts item-level surveys. The goal of an item-level survey is to examine individual objects within a collection. The survey address the condition of each object, requirements of conservation treatment and recommendations for housing and storage solutions as well as exhibition plans.


 Preservation consultation 


Site visits can be arranged to assess the general preservation needs of the collection. The assessment addresses developing preservation priorities in the collection and housing strategy in a cost-effective and manageable way for each collection.


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